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Du 14 au 29 juin 2023, Square Brackets est à découvrir à la galerie KOTE, à Séoul (Corée du Sud)

Exposition avec Sohyun Park, Siouzie Albiach et Elsa Muller du 14/06/2023 au 29/06/2023.

Parentheses speak to us as the subject of meaning.
It enlightens us with a single message, changes our perspective,
Interpret the meaning and fill in our own story in it.
Parentheses make us imagine a new story.
It’s like a canvas where a door opens and closes and holds a painting,
It is also like a camera frame that looks at the world through a lens.
In it, we embrace the world, we write our stories, we look at each other
It becomes a work of art that inspires someone by capturing truth and beauty.
Closed parentheses mean a new beginning.
When it opens again in a different frame, another story will unfold for us.

참여작가, Bibber, Elsa Muller, Siouzie Albiach, 강슬아, 박소현, 손종우, 왕도원, 이하림, 정재권

Ouverture tous les jours de 10h à 19h.

KOTE Gallery
insadong-gil 7, Jongro-gu
Seoul, South Korea

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